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I have represented a diverse client base, ranging from individuals to small businesses to large publicly-traded companies. One common aspect for all my clients is that the effects of state and local taxes should always be contemplated when considering any potential change. If they are not taken into account, there can be unintended financial or administrative consequences. Avoiding a surprise can only be beneficial. To help avoid such surprises, I offer a complete set of services regarding state and local taxes. I have spent my career developing real world experience and knowledge of state and local tax laws to serve my clients as this can be a quickly moving area of practice.

Audit Representation
I can offer you or your business audit representation before state and local tax authorities. During an audit, you always want experienced representation. If you disagree with the audit results, you might want to appeal the resulting decision. Having someone who is experienced and advocating on your behalf during the audit makes a large difference especially during a subsequent appeal.

Appeals/Tax Controversy
In Virginia, the method for appealing state and local taxes can vary greatly depending on the tax that is assessed. Outside of Virginia, procedures for appealing tax assessments vary greatly. If this is not an area that you are familiar with, you should consult with a professional. It is easy to make a procedural mistake and you could lose your appeal rights. I have a large amount of experience with appealing taxes in Virginia and multiple states.

Planning & Consulting
If you or your business is planning to make any sort of a change, you want to be deliberate and know all the ramifications ahead of time or make the necessary changes to avoid those ramifications. State and local taxes should always be considered. When a business contemplates a merger, acquisition, purchase, or any other sort of an acquisition, state and local taxes can have a dramatic effect. Especially when a business merges with or acquires another business, nexus could be created with a new state and your business would be required to comply with the tax laws of that state. When an individual moves to another state, there could be undesirable financial consequences if not planned properly. I have a history of advising business and individuals on future transactions and changes. Having the proper representation in these situations is important as state and local tax laws can be aggressively enforced by the various jurisdictions that impose them.

Sometimes the law has evolved too slowly or creates an unfair result for you or your business especially when your business is in a new industry or it is embarking on something else that is new and not contemplated by existing laws. In such cases, changing or otherwise amending the law might be in your best interest. I have plenty of experience drafting legislation, lobbying for such legislation, and speaking before committees in the Virginia General Assembly. My career started with drafting legislation and that is something I continue to do today.

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